Our Story

We are a small, family run business striving to create beautiful, natural products for babies and children.  All our diapers are lovingly sewn by hand.  I began designing and sewing diapers when my son was born in 2006.  My two older children (who are now teenagers) were cloth diapered using PUL/microfiber and all the "high tech" diapering fabrics that were just appearing on the market in the early 2000's.  As my husband and I navigated through the early years of parenting, we started to shift our entire lifestyle in a more natural direction.  We started growing our own vegetables, raising chickens for eggs, raising dairy goats, moving away from plastics, learning about herbal medicine, I gave birth to babies 3 and 4 at home, and started sewing with natural fibers. 

I was initially surprised and amazed, though I really should not have been, to find that natural fibers (cotton and wool) are easier to clean, stink free, more absorbent, and way more waterproof than synthetics.  Wool is truly the perfect diapering material!  In 2011 I designed our signature products - the One-size Wool Wrap diaper cover and the Wool-in-Two.  Our two youngest children (now 8 and 10) were diapered in organic cotton and wool wrap diaper covers since birth, and though I no longer have babies in diapers, I still cannot get over what an incredible diapering material wool is!  It is incredibly easy to use and care for, not to mention natural, breathable, and naturally antibacterial. 

In 2012 I opened One Love Diaper Co. in order to share the wonders of wool with more families. 

Our Team

One Love Diaper Co.


Hi there! 👋 I’m Heather, the creator behind One Love Diaper Co. 

My cloth diaper journey started 15 years ago and I have raised 4 children in cloth. I designed our signature Wool Wrap diaper cover and Wool-in-Two in 2011 while I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and looking for a simple, durable, CUTE, birth-to-potty diapering option that was also made from completely natural fibers.

I do all the design related things from designing our products, to our marketing materials and packaging, to the website. Plus I package and ship all these lovely products to your homes! 

The rest of the time I can be found working in my garden, playing with goats, watching the bees, and talking to wildflowers.

You can also find me here: www.instagram.com/WildheartFarm

and here: www.wildcraftkids.club

One Love Diaper Co.


Hi, I'm Shara! I sew all the products for One Love Diaper Co.

I'm passionate about being as earth friendly as I can be, so naturally I've cloth diapered at some point with all 5 of my kids.

My down time is consumed with my crafts, sewing and knitting, and I'm passionate about both.

I've loved sewing for One Love Diaper Co. since 2016 and I'm excited that we've decided to re-open! This is a company that you just can get behind the ethos and love.

Some of my knits can be found at: www.etsy.com/shop/SharaJeanCo