"I absolutly LOVE this WI2 system! Having used PUL covers with prefolds prior to this purchase I was used to changing out an insert, though I am so happy to have found a natural fiber alternative to my previous covers! Also, the sherpa snap in is so much easier to use than trifolding a prefold (with a squirmy baby) is incredibly soft, squishy and absorbant. Other notable points about this diaper are: 1) top notch quality, from the fabric to the anaps to the stitching - amazing. 2) the wool is very soft, thin yet still extremely effective! A wool doubler could be used if need be. 3) COMFORT for my baby! When I put this diaper on my 16month old 20lb 29" baby it fit him like a dream and looked ohh so comfy, a huge contrast to when I put PUL/prefold diapers on him. I am very happy with the diaper overall, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"


"I love how thin and snug fitting your cover is - my little man doesn't have to have a bubble bum to wear cloth now! And the breathability keeps me confident he won't be miserable! I love how quick your covers air dry too - I hand wash and lanolize, then put them on the spin cycle through the wash, and they're practically dry already when I take them out to hang dry. Dries within hours. The snaps on the interior are genius also - way to go! Truly truly - a one size diaper cover."


"WOW - This diaper cover is AMAZING!!! The craftsman ship is incredible, and I love, love, LOVE the pattern! I am definitely going to be ordering more and I can't wait to use it on our new baby. Thanks again!!"


"Oh my, these are SO gorgeous! The fabric is SO soft and snuggly. I hope my baby loves them as much as I do, and that they are as absorbent as they seem. I'll find out in January, after the baby is born! Thanks so much for making such beautiful functional organic stuff!"

"This is a beautifully made cover. The material stretches enough to accommodate a trim day time prefold or a bulky nightime bundle. The fabric breathes well and stays fairly dry even overnight. I highly recommend these covers. The shop was quick to respond with questions and shipped as scheduled."


"Literally my favorite purchase from Etsy ever! This ridiculously adorable diaper arrived quickly and squishy beyond words. The insert is much more absorbent than I thought was possible for cotton, and because it is backed with wool as well the cover wasn't even damp. As a bonus Heather is sweet and super responsive. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her or her products. Going to purchase more diapers and more inserts and make this my go to system."


"You can feel the love and amazing craftsmanship that go into this cover~it's incredibly soft and the print is adorable! I adore all of the products I've received from One Love! Wonderful."


"Prepped and used covers and the sherpa diapers. They are amazingly soft and perfect fit for my LO. The covers dried much faster than regular wool covers/ soakers. And the sherpa diapers came out dry and fluffy in just one dryer cycle! I don't have a single thing I would like to change about these. Waiting for new prints to be added!"