Brand Ambassador Search!

We're looking for brand ambassadors!

I started my cloth diapering journey 15 years ago, raised 4 babes in cloth, and washed my last diaper 5 years ago. I’ve been looking back at old posts and I remember how easy it was to connect and share my passion for cloth diapers when diapering was a huge part of my daily life. When I could show you how it’s really not difficult to hand wash and lanolize covers once a week, or my favorite way to fold a flat diaper.  Those diapering days are behind me, but I still love these products and want to share them with the world - I just need a little help!

We’re looking for several creative & active instagram accounts to be our reps for the months of February & March.

Due to the nature of our products, reps must:

*Have a diaper-age child

*Use cloth diapers (or plan to if you have a newborn)

*Be committed to the little bit of extra care it takes to diaper in wool vs. synthetics (hand-washing/drying/lanolizing - see WOOL CARE)

As a rep, you’ll get the following:
1. FREE selection of our products 
2. 15% off all purchases you make from us (during the months that you’re a rep)
3. A discount code for our website to share with your followers and friends

Reps will be expected to:
-Post at least once per week with products you have received or purchased from us as the focus
-Tag & mention us in each of these posts
-Share any sales/shop announcements in your story a few times per month
-Allow us to re-post content on our instagram feed @onelovediaperco