How to Lanolize Wool Diaper Covers

Our wool diaper covers are not pre-lanolized. When you first receive your wool cover(s) you will want to lanolize them to make them waterproof.  It sometimes takes TWO lanolizings to get wool interlock to absorb its full compliment of lanolin.  After the initial lanolizing(s) you will want to re-lanolize about once a month.  This is a similar and also easy process!  Here’s what you do:


1. Microwave a cup of water with a small amount of lanolin (about 1 tsp. for every 3 covers) and a squirt (liquid)/sliver (solid) of wool wash for 1 minute.  You can also boil a kettle and add boiling water to the lanolin and soap, stirring to combine.


2. Remove CAREFULLY from microwave (it will be HOT) and stir to combine, make sure all the lanolin is melted.


3. Fill sink with warm water.


4. Place covers in the warm water and get them to start absorbing.  Now pour your lanolin water mixture over your covers and massage the water and lanolin into them for a couple minutes making sure all the covers are saturated.  Water should be warm, not HOT before putting your covers in (i.e. it shouldn't burn your hands, it should be comfortably warm like bath water).


5. Let sit for at least 15 minutes or up to 24 hours (I usually go for about 1 hour and I flip all my covers over and swish them around half way through).  Once the diapers have absorbed the lanolin you will no longer see lanolin floating in the water.


6. Ring out gently, roll in a towel to get rid of drips and hang to dry.





There is also a dry method to lanolizing-just rub some lanolin between your palms and gently pat and massage into the wool lining of your cover.  I find that this method is not as thorough as lanolizing in a water bath but it works well as a booster or in a pinch.  There are also some spray lanolin products on the market that many mom’s use to refresh their lanolin in between treatments or washing.


If you notice your covers are not absorbing well and are leaking, then it’s time to re-lanolize!!

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