Brand Ambassador Search!

Brand Ambassador Search!
Hard to believe that my littlest is now 8 years old! 💗 I started my cloth diapering journey 15 years ago, raised 4 babes in cloth, and washed my last diaper 5 years ago. I’ve been looking back at old posts and I remember how easy it was to connect and share my passion for cloth diapers when diapering was a huge part of my daily life; when I could show you how it’s really not difficult to hand wash and lanolize covers once a week, or my favorite way to fold a flat diaper.

Those diapering days are behind me, but I still love our products and want to share them with the world - I just need a little help!

If you:

👶 have a diaper-age baby
🌎 use cloth diapers
🐏 can commit to the little bit of extra care it takes to diaper in wool vs. synthetics (hand-washing/drying/lanolizing)
📱have a creative and active IG account

🎉 then I may have some free diapers for you!

APPLY HERE to be a brand ambassador and help our little business to grow!

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